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(Information, Advice & Guidance)

Alongside but separate to your qualification that you are undertaking with Protocol Consultancy Services you will have access to a service which is called ‘Information Advice and Guidance’ or IAG

Our IAG will:

• Inform you of opportunities available to you
• Advise you how you can develop and progress
• Guide you accessing learning opportunities and making choices

• Give further help and support if required during or after completion of your qualification 

This IAG service will take place a minimum of 4 times whilst you are undertaking learning with us and you can request a confidential meeting/discussion at any time you wish.

Individual Learning Plan

An individual learning plan will be developed as it implies, to your individual needs. Your Individual learning plan is a document, which will give you a broad outline of training and further action to be taken in order for you to reach SMART targets and goal. During the early stages of your training your Assessor/Tutor will complete this plan jointly with you and your mentor.

This will enable us to provide training appropriate to your needs. A copy of your plan will be given to you to put in your portfolio or be uploaded on your e portfolio and the original document will be held on file at the Protocol Administration office. This plan will be updated by your assessor and used as a discussion tool during reviews.

individual learning plan for IAG


You will be working towards an Apprenticeship/ NVQ whilst you are on the training programme. These qualifications are recognised by the industry and are accepted nationally.

Initial Assessment

You will undergo a number of different forms of initial assessment over a period of time. The aim of the initial assessment is to ensure that you are on the correct programme and level for your ability and knowledge and to highlight any areas that you will require extra assistance or guidance. As part of the initial assessment you may have the option to complete an initial assessment by paper or by using our interactive BKSB learning resources.

In addition you will complete a vocational initial assessment, learning styles questionnaire, have a one to one interview and a recognition of prior learning interview. The results of your initial assessment will be recorded on your individual learning plan and feedback will be given to you.

Reviewing Your Progress

Your progress throughout the duration of your Training Programme will be continually monitored to ensure that your Individual learning plan is being followed. Your Tutor/ Assessor will regularly meet with you and your mentor in the workplace every 8/12 weeks to discuss your progress and targets against your Individual learning plan, and your Tutor/Assessor can agree any suitable amendments needed with you.


Assessments take place approximately every 4-6 weeks, the proposed dates for assessment are shown on the individual learning plan. The assessor will notify you the actual date of the assessment a minimum of 7 days prior to the date or on the previous assessment visit.

Assessment will be carried out by a qualified assessor. The assessor is responsible for judging whether or not you are competent by assessing your evidence and competence. This may include observation of you carrying out the task, oral and or written questions or other relevant evidence. Assessors will have occupational expertise directly relating to the qualification they are assessing. If you are completing an e portfolio, alternate monthly assessments will be completed on line and then face to face.

Off The Job Training

We will develop your understanding and knowledge of the theory behind your chosen qualification through off-the-job training sessions. These will be held at our suite of training rooms in the centre of Birmingham. You are expected to have 100% attendance unless you receive authorisation for absence from your mentor. Depending on your level of experience and previous qualifications we can be flexible with the off the job training and allow you to undertake open learning with us.

Assessment will also take place as part of our Portfolio Days which are held on a monthly basis. You will be issued with and On and Off the job work study plan to coordinate all training activities and work task requirements. An individual course schedule of dates and training activities will also be issued linking all the milestones of the qualification.

Functional Skills

Functional skills are considered to be an essential part of occupational competence and are important for your personal development. To help you to achieve your functional skills you will do an initial assessment using an interactive PC tool. We will also develop you and help you to achieve the external assessments and fully understand the theory behind the three functional skills of English, Maths and ICT. 

There may be proxy exemptions if you hold the appropriate and approved GCSE qualifications. Depending on the initial assessment outcome you will be encouraged to aim for a higher level of functional skills.

Technical Certificates/Underpinning Knowledge Tests

The Technical Certificates/Underpinning knowledge tests  has been introduced to prove your knowledge and understanding in the vocational area and to back up the knowledge and understanding gained during the completion of your qualification. These qualifications are certificated separately and your examination dates will be shown on your course schedule.

If you are interested in starting an apprenticeship, feel free to give us a call on 0121 236 2634, where you can speak directly to a qualified member of staff.