Parents Guide
to A Pre-Apprenticeship

What Is A Pre-Apprenticeship Programme?

A Pre-Apprenticeship serves as a training programme designed to unlock the potential of young people and prepare them for work. As a result, it can be an ideal choice for individuals aged 16-18 who are unable to find employment. Throughout the programme, learners engage in essential work preparation training in Maths and English, equipping them with the necessary skills. Additionally, they have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, thereby significantly improving their chances of securing full-time employment.


To apply for a Pre-Apprenticeship your child must be:

What Are The Benefits?

Taking part in a Pre-Apprenticeship programme offers your child the opportunity to develop key employability skills actively. They can achieve this through on-the-job experience, improving functional skills and personal qualities. The training customizes to the learner’s needs and structures to provide them with the best chance of competing for an apprenticeship or job.

At the conclusion of the work placement, they will have the opportunity for a job interview if a role becomes available. However, at a minimum, they will obtain a reference to aid in their search for work elsewhere and participate in an exit interview.

How Are Pre-Apprenticeships Funded?

The Government directly funds Pre-Apprenticeship programs, ensuring that you or your child won’t incur any costs, as the providers take care of any training expenses.

Do Employers Recognise Pre-Apprenticeships?

Yes, Pre-Apprenticeships place employers at the heart, as they equip your child with the skills required to secure a job and thrive. In fact, several of the businesses we collaborate with incorporate Pre-Apprenticeships into their recruitment process.

How Much Do Learners Get Paid?

A Pre-Apprenticeship is not a job, and employers are not required to pay your child for the work placement, but they may get:

If you or your child are ever unsure, ask a staff member, and they will be happy to provide any further information.

What Is The Difference Between A Pre-Apprenticeship And An Apprenticeship?

Is A Pre-Apprenticeship Suitable For My Child?

Pre-Apprenticeships provide young people aged 16-18 an opportunity to improve their skills and experience. If they have been unsuccessful when applying for jobs in the past, then a Pre-Apprenticeship may be just what they need.

What Pre-Apprenticeship Opportunities Are Available?

Deciding what they want to do after school can be difficult for your child. It’s perfectly fine if they’re unsure about which career path to pursue. At PCS, we offer Pre-Apprenticeship opportunities in various sectors, such as Business Administration and Customer Service. Simply reach out to a member of our staff, and we will assist in finding the most suitable placement for them.

What If My Child Changes Their Mind?

Your child can choose to change their mind about a Pre-Apprenticeship. 1-2-1 meetings will allow your child to ask any questions and let us know how they are getting on with the course. If there is anything they are struggling with or if they have decided to go another way, they can let us know.

How To Apply For A Pre-Apprenticeship
Through Protocol Consultancy Services

To apply for a Pre-Apprenticeship through PCS, you need to head over to our vacancies page by Clicking Here, where you’ll find our current Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship vacancies.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email to find out about any of our current vacancies. Please find details below, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

If your child is interested in a Pre-Apprenticeship, give us a call on 0121 236 2634 or email at, to speak to a staff member.