Skills Training

Have you ever heard of the term functional skills?

Unsure of what they are or how they apply to you?

Essentially, this relates to Maths and English, as well as the knowledge and skills. Whether for personal or professional reasons, these skills can be very important and beneficial to possess. We explain what functional skills are, how they benefit you, and the courses that come with functional skills training. In addition we provide an explanation of how training is delivered.

What are functional skills?

Functional Skills are nationally recognised qualifications designed to help young people and adults develop their Maths and English skills. They focus on underpinning skills as well as the ability to apply Maths and English knowledge in different contexts.

Functional Skills qualifications are available across five levels, Entry 1 to Level 2, all with the aim to help individuals develop their confidence surrounding the subjects. The highest level of Functional Skills, Level 2, is the equivalent of a GCSE Grade C / 4.

We have helped thousands of learners gain qualifications within these subjects and have trained learners of all ages. It’s never too early or late to develop these essential skills.

The benefits of improving functional skills

Functional Skills Training is ideal for learners who do not currently possess Maths or English qualifications and would like to progress further in work or education. These training programmes can also improve existing grades that you would like to develop. Other benefits include:

Courses with functional skills training

Through our Pre-Apprenticeships and Apprenticeships you can develop your functional skills and assist your efforts of securing employment or opportunities within further education, i.e. University. As well as on-the-job experience, these programmes offer essential work preparation training in Maths and English. The abilities that are gained throughout will then allow you to progress onto a higher-level Apprenticeship, where your abilities will continue to grow.

How is training delivered?

At the start of your training, you will sit initial assessments for each course. These assessments will ensure you are on the correct programme and level for your ability and knowledge. Once determined, we can highlight any areas where you will require extra assistance or guidance and help you develop your skills throughout your course.

Training is delivered onsite, with interactive resources available through our interactive BKSB learning platform, allowing you to also develop your skills from the comfort of your own home. All our resources are available 24/7, so you can fit it in around your busy work and home life, then travel to our office in Birmingham to sit your final exam.


So now you know what functional skills are, how they can benefit your career aspirations, and how you can access the relevant training to get where you want to go.

Sound like something you could benefit from?

There are plenty of vacancies listed here on our website, as well as plenty of information on the courses we offer. If there’s a particular course you’re interested in that isn’t listed in our vacancies, enquire on the course page. We’ll then endeavour to find a placement for you that will allow you to develop in Maths and English.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly on 0121 236 2634 or email at A member of staff will be ready and waiting to assist you.