Apprenticeships > University: Top 5 Reasons

Apprenticeships > University: Top 5 Reasons Attending university has always been seen as the natural progression after leaving school, but in recent years other options have become available. Apprenticeships are now seen as a viable alternative to university for reasons that will be explored throughout this blog post. So, why are apprenticeships the better alternative […]

Learner Testimonial

Learner Testimonial The ICT Practitioner Level 3 course was very informative, educational, and fun. Additionally, completing this course will benefit my future aspirations within the field of IT. While studying this course, I found Craig extremely helpful. He always answered any enquiries I had and made me feel relaxed and involved throughout. Moreover, he went […]

Kickstart Success Story

KickstartSuccess Story March 2020 was a difficult time for many. Businesses were closing shop, lockdown came into effect, and people were losing their lives to the coronavirus. Shortly before the lockdown, my Managing Director at Enable Holidays had to make the unfortunate decision to let staff go. The ramifications of Thomas Cook and Flybe shutting […]