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Red Nose Day 2017

On the 24th of March The Protocol Team all worked together to raise funds for Red Nose Day. A focus group was arranged and learners were asked to come in to collect their certificates and give us valuable feedback about our services. We had a variety of activities available for the learners to take part in after the focus group with a small charge for each go on an activity, all proceeds wen direct to the charity.


  • Table Tennis Tournament
  • Retro Games
  • Eating Cakes made my Protocol Staff members
  • Freestyle Football with Ewan Baggott (EABSkills)


Ewan Baggott showing us his Freestyle skills!

Ewan Baggott showing off his skills to our staff and learners.

Follow him on Social Media:

  /EABSkills       @EABSkills         /EABSkills       /EABSkills


Part of the Protocol Staff Team Supporting Red Nose Day

Staff were either required to pay £2 or buy a red nose in order to come in dressed casually.

Focus Group and Learners Collecting Certificates

Here we have a group photo of all of the learners staff that attended the focus

Protocol Cake Sale

Our staff baked some amazing cakes for anyone to purchase (including staff).

Becky White (Administrator) - Baked the Cookie Monster cakes and the Mickey Mouse

Craig Higham (Operations Director) - Baked the Red Velvet cake

Adrian Hunt (Business Development Manager) - Baked the cupcakes with chocolate toppings with his son

How we Did....

As a team we raised over £200 on the day

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