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Training Assessment Quality Assurance

The purpose of this City and Guilds TAQA scheme is to train assessors and those carrying out quality assurance to attain current assessment and quality assurance standards together with the competence as necessary to deliver these functions. These are qualifications that will equip a wide range of assessors, trainers, facilitators and teachers to support learners.

City and Guilds TAQA is a modular award (Levels 3 and 4) and replaces the C&G A1/A2 and V1/V2 Units. C&G TAQA inducts candidates into the TAQA Qualification scheme. The Modules and Awards will provide people who carry out assessment and internal quality assurance roles in their organisation with the opportunity to develop and improve their practice as well as achieving a professional qualification for the role.

The TAQA qualifications consist of a mix of modules - some are competence-based and some knowledge based. The knowledge only module (Unit 301 'Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment') allows anyone who is interested in or needs to know about assessment and quality assurance, but is not a practitioner, to acquire knowledge and information about the roles. The modules which are practice based require the candidate to complete the learning outcomes as listed in the documentation for individual modules.

Level 3

  • Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment
  • Assess Occupational Competence in the Work Environment
  • Assess Vocational Skills, Knowledge and Understanding

Level 4

  • Understanding the Principles and Practices of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment
  • Internally Assure the Quality of Assessment
  • Plan, Allocate and Monitor Work in Own Area of Responsibility


A City and Guilds TAQA Award is suitable for those who work, or want to work, as:

  • Assessors/Teachers/Trainers/Tutors in the Lifelong Learning Sector and Adult/Community Education
  • Assessors/Trainers of personnel in commerce, industry, public and voluntary sectors or HM Forces
  • Quality Assurance/Internal Verifiers and Support Staff in Further and Adult Education
  • Quality Assurance Managers and Internal Verifiers in Workplace Training and further and adult education