What are your main responsibilities??

As well as fulfilling my daily Business Administration duties at Protocol Consultancy Services, I am also the Examination Secretary and support an IT apprentice with their educational development.

Pathway Selected

When I first started at Protocol, at the age of 19, I underwent a Business Administration Level 2 apprenticeship. As a result, I was able to increase several of my personal and professional skills in areas where I was lacking. I then progressed onto the Business Administration Level 3 qualification, during which time my workload became more advanced. Now, after completing my apprenticeship, I am currently expanding my skills by completing the Social Media Level 3 course.

What is your working environment like?

My working environment is office-based and consists of a group of helpful staff. However, because we are an apprenticeship college, there are also several students on-site at any given time who are interested in developing their skills for future employment.

Who do you work with? (Departments, Work colleagues)

Due to my experience in Business Administration and my continued progress within the department of Social Media, I work with a wide range of departments and colleagues as and when is needed to complete my daily tasks.

What do you like about your job?

Throughout my time at Protocol, I have been able to enhance my skills within the workplace, such as communication and technical abilities. As a result, the experience has also allowed me to gain confidence when interacting with the various stakeholders of the company including learners, employers, etc.

What are the main challenges you face on a daily basis?

During this year, we have had two members of staff leave for early retirement. As a result, their workloads got shared between different members of staff. I got promoted to take on the role of Examination Secretary and also support an IT apprentice, so the increase in work has been an adjustment.

How do you overcome these challenges, should you require assistance?

Ensuring that my time management is as good as it possibly can be by completing the tasks that require my immediate attention in a timely fashion.

Joe Biddlestone standing in front of the Protocol banner
Learner Details:

Age: 22

Employer: Protocol Consultancy Services

Job Role: I.T. Support / Administrator

Qualification: Social Media Level 3

Skills & Qualities
Future Goals

I wish to complete my Social Media Level 3 apprenticeship at distinction level. After that, I’ll use my newfound knowledge to enhance the visibility of the business on social platforms.

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