What are your main responsibilities?

My main responsibilities with City United LTD revolve around the Head of Service as I work for him only. I manage his diary, arrange his meetings, answer any phone calls that are aimed for him and handle queries, liaise with staff and clients, organise travel and prepare itineraries, write minutes, plan, organise and manage events, attend meetings as the principals representive, conduct research on the internet, prepare papers for meetings and collate data on behaviour, attendance and staff sanctions.

Pathway Selected

The paths that I decided to take well continue when I applied for college was acting. I did an acting course for two years at Sutton College and unfortunately didn’t get into BSA the year I was leaving. As an alternative and a piece of advice I received from my dad, I needed a back-up plan to fall back on. I was told apprenticeships were a good pathway to take as your learning and earning…I found Protocol Consultancy Services by fate online and applied to do an admin course. That took place for three/four months and was assisted with improving on my CV, that was sent off to City United and I was then called in for an interview and got the job.

What is your working environment like?

My working environment at City United LTD is quite hectic and busy majority of the time due to the fact I work in a school full of disadvantaged young people. When they do get aggressive, it can create a very tense atmosphere for other learners and for us as staff. However, when it comes to holiday season, the workplace is very peaceful and you can get on with work.

Who do you work with? (Departments, Work colleagues)

As a personal assistant, I work closely with the Head of Service. I work alone during the day time so I mainly see my colleagues on lunch break. Other than the principal, I sometimes work alongside admin and the business manager as we work in the same team (business support).

What do you like about your job?

I like the fact that every day is a new challenge. There’s usually something different, I like how my manager pushes me to read and gather knowledge of City United in order to build me up to be a great employee.

What are the main challenges you face on a daily basis?

The main challenges within my job role are prioritising.

How do you overcome these challenges, should you require assistance?

At times, I have a few tasks that are priorities and there deadlines are fairly close together, so it’s a case of managing my time.

Ophelia business administration case studies applicant
Learner Details:

Age: 19

Employer: City United LTD

Job Role: Personal Assistant

Qualification: Business Administration Level 2

Skills & Qualities
Future Goals

I would like to be a more experienced personal assistant or even try to climb the ladder within the business sector I’m working in. However, acting is where my heart lies, so I will continue to try and fulfil that career.

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