What are your main responsibilities?

My primary job role at Mattys Wholesaler is office admin, but I tend to do everything from being on the sales lines to helping customers carry their carpets to their vans. I have become an all-rounder.

Pathway Selected

I heard about Protocol from a friend who had recently completed a qualification with them. After that, I attended an interview with Protocol, and my mind was put at ease straight away by how friendly the staff was. I was successful and was allowed to undertake a Business Admin Level 2 course with Protocol. I was at Protocol for approximately a month before I was found a placement at Matty’s Wholesale Carpets with the help of the protocol team.

What is your working environment like?

My working environment at Mattys Wholesaler can be hectic at times, but thanks to the friendly staff members that work there, I can easily resolve any issues.

Who do you work with? (Departments, Work colleagues)

As my role can become quite varied, I work with a large number of people all over the business, from those in the offices to those on the sales lines, and even the customers, when the moment calls for it.

What do you like about your job?

I am enjoying my time at Mattys through the work I am completing, the coursework set, and socialising with my colleagues and customers.

What are the main challenges you face on a daily basis?

The main challenge that I face is trying to resolve issues that I haven’t encountered before and solving them while learning simultaneously.

How do you overcome these challenges, should you require assistance?

The best way to resolve issues that I haven’t encountered before is to ask the helpful team of people that I am surrounded by every day, using them as a resource to learn from and develop as I progress through my apprenticeship.

Learner Details:

Age: 18

Employer: Mattys Wholesaler

Job Role: Office Administration

Qualification: Business Administration Level 2

Skills & Qualities
Future Goals

I look forward to being taken on full-time. Many thanks go out to all staff at Protocol for helping me get there.

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