What are your main responsibilities?

With Protocol Group, my primary duties revolve around Business Administration, assisting the business three days a week. In addition, I also complete work files needed for my apprenticeship and educational development.

Pathway Selected

Before starting with Protocol Group, I struggled to find anybody to give me an interview for a full-time apprenticeship programme. As a result, I decided to start the Traineeship programme, allowing me to improve my CV and interview skills.

What is your working environment like?

My working environment is largely office-based and consists of a group of extremely helpful staff. However, due to the fact we are an apprenticeship college, there are also several students on-site at any given time who are interested in developing their skills for future employment.

Who do you work with? (Departments, Work colleagues)

Due to my participation in the Business Administration apprenticeship, I work with a wide range of departments and colleagues as and when is needed to complete my daily tasks.

What do you like about your job?

I enjoyed completing this qualification thoroughly and found that everyone was willing to help me whenever I needed it, and there was always help and support during the day and outside of office hours.

What are the main challenges you face on a daily basis?

The main challenge that I face is trying to resolve issues that I haven’t encountered before and solving them while learning at the same time.

How do you overcome these challenges, should you require assistance?

The best way to resolve issues that I haven’t encountered before is to ask the helpful team of people that I am surrounded by every day, using them as a resource to learn from and develop as I progress through my apprenticeship.

Laura Jackson Business Administrator Apprenticeship Applicant
Learner Details:

Age: 18

Employer: Protocol Group

Job Role: Administration Assistant

Qualification: Business Administration

Skills & Qualities
Future Goals

I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Protocol and have been working in their administration office three days a week and am now seeking a full-time position to enhance my skills and further my career.

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