What are your main responsibilities?

My primary duties at TTM Distribution include working in the office area, answering the phones, and taking messages from customers. Responding to emails either by email or by writing letters and memos. Other daily office work includes filing, archiving, photocopying, and scanning.

Pathway Selected

The path I originally wanted to choose was a Barristers Clerk, which meant going to college and completing a Legal Secretaries course, which I did but I found I preferred the business side of things a lot more and found that interesting. After deciding to be a business administrator, I went onto the apprentice website to look at current vacancies. I went for an interview at Protocol Consultancy Services who are the Training Provider working on behalf of the employer to help recruit apprentices. After that, I had an interview with TTM before being offered the apprenticeship with them, which started this August.

What is your working environment like?

The working environment here is very friendly, even though there is only me and my manager in the office.

Who do you work with? (Departments, Work colleagues)

As it is a small business, the only colleague that I work with is my Manager, assisting with daily tasks and completing work in an effective, professional, and time efficient manner.

What do you like about your job?

The thing I like about my apprenticeship is that it is easy to follow instructions, I enjoy all the work that I do and I can see myself working here for a long time.

What are the main challenges you face on a daily basis?

Being introduced to new tasks can be challenging, as I have never encountered them before and therefore am unsure of how to approach them or any issues that may come up on the way.

How do you overcome these challenges, should you require assistance?

Through advice and guidance provided by my employer and Protocol Consultancy Services, I’ve been able to tackle problems head-on with a greater understanding of what to do and how to achieve my goals.

Danielle Fennell business administration case studies applicant with TTM Distribution
Learner Details:

Age: 17

Employer: TTM Distribution

Job Role: Business Administrator

Qualification: Business Administration

Skills & Qualities
Future Goals

I want to be able to have a successful future whether that means progressing in the company I am at or moving on to another workplace doing the same thing or moving up higher in a promotion.

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