Success Story

March 2020 was a difficult time for many. Businesses were closing shop, lockdown came into effect, and people were losing their lives to the coronavirus. Shortly before the lockdown, my Managing Director at Enable Holidays had to make the unfortunate decision to let staff go. The ramifications of Thomas Cook and Flybe shutting down meant we couldn’t stay open and keep all staff members on board.

So, I was unemployed. But, thanks to the guidance provided by Protocol Consultancy Services, I was able to complete my Social Media Apprenticeship. With no job prospects and a lockdown in effect, I signed on to Universal Credit. Buying me some time until everything started to go back to normal.

Towards the end of 2020, Protocol got in touch about a government Kickstart scheme for 16 to 24-year-olds. This scheme provides businesses with the funding required to create new job opportunities for young people on Universal Credit, at risk of long-term unemployment. Luckily, I fitted the criteria, and Protocol was interested in bringing me on board with them in a new job role.

As of May 10th, 2021, I am the Digital Marketer for Protocol Consultancy Services. My role involves creating content for social media, updating the website, and assisting other departments where possible. During my employment, I’ve learned a lot about website creation, SEO, Google Analytics, MailChimp, video editing, and more!

Moving forward, I’ll be continuing to perform my duties as a Digital Marketer for the remainder of my Kickstart placement. After the Kickstart ends in November, Protocol has indicated they would like to keep me on in a full-time role. With many Apprenticeships to choose from, I could continue to add to my skillset and develop as a member of this highly professional and supportive team.

Jesse Wall Kickstart Case Study and Digital marketer and IT support for Protocol Consultancy Services
Jesse Wall
Digital Marketer

Are you interested in hiring a young person aged 16-24 through the Kickstart Scheme? Give us a call on 0121 236 2634 or email at, where we can provide you with more information.