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Information Advice and Guidance – Employer


I.A.G (Information Advice and Guidance)


To provide employers full access to IAG which is fit for purpose, current, regularly updated, reliable, easy to understand and addresses the wide range of questions and challenges, issues and concerns that may develop during considering of and implementing training solutions. Our policy is to help employers develop their own business further by providing IAG on training solutions that meet individual employer and individual needs.IAG (information advice and guidance)V1


1. To offer and deliver government funded programs in specified vocational areas free of charge to individuals who meet the Government Funding Body eligibility criteria or at a cost for those who do not.

2. To evaluate and continuously improve the quality of our performance and delivery and measure distance travelled against the following criteria:

Employer responsiveness, employer engagement and employer organisational requirements
Success in employee achievement or completion of courses in the identified learning needs i.e. Apprenticeship qualifications in full or unit achievement e.g. Welcome Host Gold/First Aid courses/BIIAB.
Measurement of distance travelled against the key performance indicators mapped to the Company business/development plan
3. To offer to carry out Organisational Needs Analyses for employers and identify, deliver or appropriately signpost employers to organisations who can provide effective training solutions.

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Protocol Resources

Grade One training provider;

Based in the centre of Birmingham, at Protocol we offer a wide range of courses and apprenticeship programmes to suit the individual needs of learners and employers with fully equipped training rooms and e-portfolios. We offer: -

  • Business Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Hospitality
  • Functional Skills
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Social Media
  • Team Leading

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Our Moodle allows you access all resources for you course from any PC, Laptop or Mobile device in the world
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