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Dealing with Setbacks and Adversity

Not everything goes to plan at Protocol particularly with having the government as paymaster compounded with staff illness and holiday cover and tight deadlines to always meet. Our tips dealing with setbacks and adverse situations are:

  • Stay Positive - believe you can find a way through and see setbacks as challenges not problems
  • Eliminate limiting thoughts
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities
    Take Control – Stay calm, you can’t always control everything so control what you can, prioritise
  • Adjust your Perspective - Focus on the best outcome not the worst and start to plan remember “worst things happen at sea”
  • Draw on experiences, both yours and others in support of answers, check on line forums and the web. Share externally as well as internally if appropriate
  • Use mentoring techniques to support each other
  • Take action to ascertain the root cause of the problem if you can and then devise your strategic plan to cope with the situation and turn it round


As with most leadership tasks, overcoming setbacks and adversity also requires continuing effort, even after the immediate difficulty is left behind, at Protocol we make sure a similar situation doesn’t place the company in jeopardy again. Prevention is critical, so think and act your way to success by planning for, preventing, and overcoming setbacks and adversity.


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