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Awareness in
Mental Health

Course Overview

Employers are becoming increasingly interested in their staff having a good understanding of mental health problems.

The demand for mental health skills and resources has been steadily growing throughout the last decade. Employers and employees have begun to recognise the importance of awareness and the impact it can have on the workplace.

This qualification aims to raise awareness of mental health and the range of problems associated. As such, this course is suitable for anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge and understanding of mental health problems, the factors that cause mental ill-health and the ways that mental health problems can be managed.

Who is the course for?

This qualification is designed for learners who are interested in developing their knowledge of mental health problems. Learners could also include:

What are the Benefits?

Since 1996, Protocol Consultancy Services have guided countless learners through upskilling short courses and achieved a 90% success rate. Benefits include:

Delivery Method

As part of this training, you will attend locally based workshops or training sessions via teams (the number of which will be determined at the beginning of the course) in a supportive and welcoming environment. During this time, you will also be required to complete an assignment as part of your programme of learning.

During these workshops, you will work individually and as part of a team, collaborating with other learners on the course to complete several different tasks. This will allow for the continuous improvement of highly sought-after skills, such as problem-solving, decision-making, prioritising, negotiating, teamwork, and independence.

You will learn in a step-by-step manner, allowing you to complete tasks in an enjoyable way, that is easy for you to follow, and improve your chances of retaining the knowledge and skills that you gain. Your tutor will also work with you individually to help identify areas of improvement, with support provided throughout your course.

awareness in mental health short courses
course Details:
What is covered?

During this course, the learner will develop knowledge and skills relating to mental health problems and the underlying factors that can cause them. Including:


Funding is available for companies within your Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area. Additional training is also available for Maths and English as part of the course. However, a Training Needs Analysis must first be completed to establish eligibility.

Progression Opportunities:
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Awareness in
Mental Health