Apprenticeships > University: Top 5 Reasons

Attending university has always been seen as the natural progression after leaving school, but in recent years other options have become available. Apprenticeships are now seen as a viable alternative to university for reasons that will be explored throughout this blog post.

So, why are apprenticeships the better alternative to university?


University degrees provide learners with theoretical knowledge within their chosen subject. However, they rarely provide them with the level of hands on experience needed to secure employment. Apprenticeships, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to learn on the job and gain valuable practical experience, preparing learners for the realities of the workplace.


Apprenticeships are more affordable than university degrees. University can be expensive, with many students ending up with significant debt after graduation. However, with Protocol, apprenticeships are fully-funded by the government, meaning learners do not have to worry. Also, as part of your apprenticeship, you will also receive an apprenticeship salary, which increases annually.


Through apprenticeships, you will have a direct path to employment. While university degrees can help, they do not carry the same level of importance that they used to. Employers now prefer to see evidence of on-the-job experience. In fact, while graduates struggle to find work after they graduate, many apprentices go on to secure a permanent position with their apprenticeship employer.


Personal and professional growth is also a factor. Apprenticeships can be a great way for learners to develop skills and gain experience in a variety of areas. As well as improving technical skills, apprentices can develop their communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, which can be incredibly valuable when progressing in their career and taking on more responsibility in the workplace.


Degree level apprenticeships exist! They offer learners the chance to achieve their bachelor’s or master’s degree while also earning a salary and gaining practical work experience. Degree level apprenticeships are typically offered in industries such as engineering, finance, and technology, and they provide a structured pathway to a professional career.

In conclusion, apprenticeships are the perfect alternative to university for 5 key reasons. They offer hands-on experience, are more affordable than university, offer a direct path to employment, support personal and professional growth, and can allow you to gain a degree while you earn a wage. If you’re a school leaver who is considering your options, start looking at apprenticeships as viable alternatives to university.

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